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Growing Your Company through Headhunting Women Managers

Women managers are increasing in Italy, but there is still much work to be done. It’s not just about gender quotas, but rather the importance of female contributions in top positions.
From 2008 to 2021, the number of women managers in Italy increased by 77.4%. Companies and entrepreneurs have realized that maintaining competitiveness requires a high level of managerial skills, including those of women. However, there is still a long way to go before women are truly represented equally in top corporate positions. Currently, women managers make up just over 20% of the total in Italy, which is below the European average where about one-third of managers are women.


The Benefits of Hiring a Woman Manager

Inclusion of a higher number of women in the workforce, particularly in managerial positions, is one of the key factors for growth. This sentiment has been confirmed by international surveys and real-life experiences. Furthermore, women in managerial roles play a central role in transforming traditional work structures by promoting smart working methods that balance professional and personal life, thereby improving productivity and well-being for employees and organizations.
But it doesn’t stop there. A recent study by Fondirigenti and the University of Trento shows that Italian companies that invest in managerial training significantly improve their performance. It has been found that training women executives seems to provide an additional boost to productivity growth. The productivity gain for companies that equally distribute the budget between male and female managers can reach up to 13.5%. However, between 2010 and 2018, 70% of Italian companies dedicated the entire training budget to male managers due to the scarcity of women in top corporate positions.

For Italian companies, especially multinational corporations that receive important guidelines from their parent companies to align with the rest of Europe, the recruitment of women managers can pose certain difficulties, partly due to the gender disparity in the managerial sector. Some common challenges include:
1. Limited candidate pool: Due to structural and cultural barriers that women may face in the workforce, there may be a limited number of qualified and available women for managerial roles. This can make it more difficult for companies to identify women with the necessary experience and skills to fill such positions.
2. Reluctance to apply: Due to gender stereotypes and a lack of female representation in managerial roles, some women may feel less inclined to apply for such positions. This reluctance can be influenced by a lack of confidence in career advancement opportunities or fear of discrimination or negative stereotypes.
3. Selection bias: Gender stereotypes can also influence companies’ selection processes. Gender bias can lead to an unconscious preference for male candidates or higher expectations for women in assessing their skills and performance. This can limit women’s access to managerial roles.
4. Retention of women managers: Even when companies succeed in hiring women for managerial roles, challenges may arise in retaining them. Women may face additional obstacles such as a lack of support or development opportunities, gender pay gaps, or a non-inclusive work environment. This can lead to a high turnover rate among women managers and a lack of growth in the number of women in leadership positions.

To address these challenges, companies can implement measures such as diversity and inclusion policies, promote a fair corporate culture, and advocate for female role models. Additionally, they can adopt more inclusive recruitment strategies, offer specific development and mentoring programs for women, and work to eliminate gender biases in selection and evaluation processes.

Headhunting Women Managers: The Importance of Choosing the Right Executive Search Firm

Hiring and investing in women managers is crucial for the growth and evolution of companies. But how can you increase the proportion of women managers in your organization?

An executive search firm is the best partner to help you in this search because they can accurately and concretely assess the needs of your company and the characteristics of the professional, ensuring a successful match that will kickstart the growth that women, backed by data, can bring.

In particular, StrategicPeople has always advocated for the presence of women in the workplace, believing in smart working and the balance between personal and professional life, even long before the pandemic facilitated its widespread adoption. For this reason, StrategicPeople possesses the culture and mindset that can facilitate the search and integration of the right female talents into your company, from senior levels to middle management.
With StrategicPeople, you can expect:
1. Expertise in women’s leadership: StrategicPeople understands the unique qualities and potential that women leaders bring to organizations. They have a deep understanding of the challenges women face in the corporate world and can effectively identify and attract top female managerial talent.
2. Tailored recruitment strategies: StrategicPeople develops customized recruitment strategies to attract women managers who align with your company’s values, goals, and specific requirements. They employ a comprehensive approach to ensure a diverse candidate pool and a thorough assessment process.
3. Extensive network and industry knowledge: StrategicPeople has an extensive network of professional contacts and access to industry insights. They can tap into their connections to identify and engage with highly qualified women managers who may not be actively seeking new opportunities but are open to the right career advancement prospects.
4. Support in overcoming barriers: StrategicPeople is committed to breaking down barriers that may hinder the recruitment and retention of women managers. They can assist in creating inclusive policies, addressing biases in the selection process, and fostering a supportive and empowering work environment for women leaders.

By partnering with StrategicPeople, you can leverage their expertise, network, and dedication to diversity and inclusion to find exceptional women managers who will contribute to your company’s success and drive meaningful growth.

Investing in women managers is not just about meeting diversity goals; it’s about harnessing the full potential of talent and creating a work culture that values and supports the contributions of all employees. StrategicPeople understands this, and their commitment to promoting women in leadership positions makes them the ideal partner for your search for women managers.

Choose StrategicPeople and unlock the benefits of a diverse and inclusive leadership team that can propel your company forward in the competitive business landscape.

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