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What head hunting means

Head Hunting is the English term for what in Italian is called ‘cacciatore di teste(headhunter). While the definition in Italian may sound outdated to some, the term ‘headhunter’ is, on the other hand, very familiar to insiders and large companies, which are increasingly deciding to rely on these figures to effectively perform such a difficult task as finding the right talent for their company.

The headhunter is the person in charge of the search for high-profile professionals. A true talent seeker who manages to connect the best professionals with the companies that most closely match those profiles, with benefits for both the company itself and the candidate.

In the area of personnel research, the headhunter therefore deals with figures such as managers and executive figures with a certain amount of experience.

Whoever turns to a headhunter aims at a path of growth. The company is looking for talent that fits its reality, the candidate is looking for the opportunity to express his or her skills in an environment that knows how to enhance them.

A very important asset for those who want or need to bring people into their company who will make a difference. In fact, the headhunting company takes care, on behalf of the company, of the search for talent that will give it a competitive advantage over its competitors.

Head Hunting is first and foremost a process of continuous listening and in-depth knowledge of the context in which one operates. Underlying it all is the experience that a good consultant must have gained.

Head hunting: the direct search for managers and executive figures

In addition to what has already been said, what differentiates a headhunter from an employment agency is the direct search. In the headhunting process, in fact, a position is not opened to which anyone can apply, but the client company is analysed and then a list of professionals is proposed that the headhunter already knows thanks to its network.

This way the company is sure to find the most qualified talent on the market.

How to choose the right headhunting company

Before engaging a headhunter it is important to assess various aspects including:

  • experience,
  • network,
  • success stories.

Only the right balance of these characteristics ensures that you find the perfect talent for your reality.

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