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Cyber security experts

Searching for computer security experts: why the headhunter is indispensable

A cybersecurity expert, or Cyber Security Specialist, is responsible for protecting systems, networks and data from cyber threats. His or her duties may include threat analysis, risk assessment and implementation of security measures such as firewalls, antivirus and intrusion detection systems. Information security experts play a crucial role in ensuring the security of corporate information and digital systems.

The difficulty in finding the right skills and the increasing complexity of threats pose significant challenges for companies seeking qualified professionals in this field.


The urgent need for computer security experts

The growing demand for cybersecurity experts is undeniably linked to the escalation of cyber-attacks, as evidenced by the 2022 statistics. During the year, there was a dramatic increase in attacks, with 12,947 incidents recorded, more than double the number of the previous year. This exponential growth in cyber threats has led companies and institutions to strengthen their security efforts.

However, despite the surge in demand for security experts, the sector suffers from a chronic shortage of highly qualified skills. This shortage of experts is attributable to the rapidly changing cyber threat landscape, which requires highly specialised and constantly updated skills. The shortage of cyber security professionals has also led to competitiveness in the salaries offered to those working in this field.

To meet market demands, IT security professionals need to possess a wide range of skills, including network protection, vulnerability management, encryption, regulatory compliance, threat analysis and incident management. Certifications such as CISSP, CISM and CEH are increasingly sought after to demonstrate competence in the field.

In an environment of rapid technological change, cybersecurity experts need to stay constantly up-to-date with new technologies and emerging trends, such as the Internet of Things, cloud security and artificial intelligence, in order to address evolving cybersecurity challenges. The understanding of these challenges and the availability of highly skilled professionals become crucial in defending against the growing threat of cyber-attacks.

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