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Head Hunter in Italy: an increasingly popular service

At this point in history, the Italian and foreign labour markets are undergoing major and rapid changes. This also applies to high-profile professionals, prompting companies to increasingly turn to the figure of the head hunter for the search for managers and executives in Italy. This professional, also known as a head hunter, can simplify the talent recruitment process, making it fast and effective.


The search for talents in Italy

More and more companies in Italy are looking for talent, but they often encounter complications; suffice it to say that in 2022 it took companies an average of 4 months to find it.

When searching for an executive in Italy, companies can face several difficulties. Among these is the scarcity of suitable candidates, because, for high-profile figures, today demand exceeds supply in many sectors.

Precisely because of this scarcity, companies are often in competition to retain or attract new talent, making it essential to structure a competitive welfare and benefits system (such as flexible hours and smart working, which are increasingly in demand today) to motivate executives.

Not least, the process of recruiting a new executive is complex and requires assessing competencies, experience, soft skills and compatibility with corporate values. The search is not always carried out in the right way and this can lead to time dilation with consequent losses for the company in its search for new talent in strategic positions.

These difficulties have led to an increase in the use of head hunters in Italy, because these figures specialise in recruiting new talent.


How to find a head hunter in Italy

If a company is looking for a new executive or manager, it certainly cannot risk relying on the wrong head hunter. Relying on a structured head-hunting company allows one to have a team of senior consultants at one’s disposal, while addressing only one interlocutor, thus making the process smooth.

StrategicPeople is one of the most important head hunting companies in Italy, consisting of vertical head hunters for every single sector and an important network of acquaintances that guarantees to find the perfect talent for every company in just a few weeks. StrategicPeople’s clients include some of the most important Italian companies that have found their executives thanks to the experience and preparation of our head hunters.

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