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Head hunter’s tips for finding an Export Manager and Export Director

The Export Manager is a key figure for organisations that want to work with foreign markets or expand their activities there. This figure is in charge of business development in overseas markets.


The duties of an Export Manager or an Export Director

An Export Manager has several responsibilities including:

  • international market development, identifying new opportunities, analysing the demand for the company’s products or services, and developing strategies to enter new countries.
  • The planning and implementation of export strategies, through the elaboration of detailed plans for the sale and distribution of products or services in foreign markets (including the definition of pricing policies, the identification of appropriate distribution channels and the development of international marketing strategies).
  • The management of export operations and their monitoring.
  • Developing and managing relationships with international customers, creating and managing long-term relationships with them (through participation in trade fairs, negotiating sales contracts, handling customer enquiries and resolving any problems).
  • Monitoring market trends and the regulatory environment in the country of interest.

These are just some of the tasks that an Export Manager may be called upon to perform, as the tasks vary from company to company.


How to find the right Export Manager

To find the right Export Manager or Export Director, it is important to follow a few steps:

  1. Define the desired requirements
    Firstly it is important to clearly identify what skills, experience and qualifications are needed for the role of Export Manager in the organisation. Specific requirements of the industry and international markets in which one operates, should also be considered.
  2. Active candidate search
    This can be done by using professional contacts, attending trade fairs or industry conferences, exploring professional social media or using executive search services. These can be handled by head hunters specialised in export and international trade.
  3. Profile assessment
    Once a list of interesting profiles has been drawn up, the CVs, previous experience and skills of each one should be carefully evaluated. Targeted interviews can be conducted to investigate technical skills, knowledge of international markets, export management skills and leadership abilities.
  4. Cultural assessment
    The compatibility of the profiles with the corporate culture and the existing team, the ability to work collaboratively, the capability to adapt to new environments, and to communicate effectively with international partners, should also be considered.
  5. Bidding and negotiating
    Once the ideal candidate has been selected, a detailed job offer should be made, including remuneration, benefits and contractual conditions. If necessary, the details of the offer should be negotiated to ensure a mutually satisfactory agreement.

The right Head Hunter can help you simplify this process, finding the perfect profile for your company and verifying through his network that the new Export Manager or Export Director is suitable for your organisation.
StrategicPeople, one of the best head hunting companies in Italy, can help you in this process, leading your company to success in foreign markets.

Contact us to talk to one of our senior consultants.


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