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executive head hunting

What executive head hunting means

Executive head hunting refers to the search and selection of managers and executives, also known as executive profiles. Their search is often referred to as executive search activity. Head hunters make it possible to find high-level figures quickly, choosing from a shortlist of profiles suitable for the company.


Executive search: differences with normal recruitment

Executive search is an invaluable tool for all companies looking for executive profiles, i.e. high-level profiles such as top managers and executives, because it has features that make it more effective than the normal personnel search.
Let us look at them together.

  1. Level of positions
    Executive headhunting focuses on the search and selection of executives, senior managers and high-level professionals. In contrast, traditional headhunting focuses on lower or mid-level positions.
  2. Specialisation and expertise
    In executive search, consultants are experts in understanding the unique needs of senior positions and identifying candidates with the specific experience, knowledge and expertise required for such roles. Personnel search, on the other hand, can be more generalised and aim to fill different positions in a company.
  3. Proactive research
    In executive head hunting, specialists actively search for qualified candidates, even if they are not looking for a job. This is done by direct approaches, networking or identification of potential talent through different sources. Personnel search, on the other hand, may mainly involve collecting and analysing applications that respond to job advertisements or that have been sent in spontaneously.
  4. Confidentiality e discretion
    In executive search, confidentiality is particularly important. Since potential candidates often occupy key positions within their current organisations, confidentiality must be maintained during the recruitment process. In traditional recruitment, confidentiality may be less critical, as it often involves lower or mid-level positions.
  5. In-depth evaluation process
    Executive search involves a more in-depth assessment process of candidates. This may include targeted interviews, psychometric assessments, competency and behavioural analyses, and verification of professional references. Traditional personnel search may have a more simplified and less in-depth selection process.

StrategicPeople is the executive search company that focuses on finding high-calibre professionals with a wide range of specialised skills, using proactive approaches, maintaining confidentiality, and adopting a thorough evaluation process.

Contact us to find the perfect executive or manager for your organisation.


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