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Searching for the right top manager: mistakes not to make

When a company looks for a top manager, it knows that it cannot afford to make mistakes. He or she will be the one to take the reins of important company functions and therefore the company’s performance will depend on the person chosen.
After years and years of experience in head hunting, we wanted to bring together in this article the aspects to consider and some of the mistakes not to make during the selection process of a top manager.


Identifying key competences

Are you sure you know what your company really needs? What skills should the future top manager have? Sometimes we start from stereotypical job descriptions or, if it is a replacement, from the skills that the previous manager possessed, but the real needs of the company may not be a perfect match to those you think. Doing an in-depth analysis of the skills the new top manager should have allows you to ensure added value in your organisation.


Attitude and values are not secondary

The top manager must be a highly motivated person in order to make the right contribution to the company. Therefore, giving too much weight to his or her competences without assessing the character and values of the new figure can prove to be a serious mistake. And, by character, we do not only mean the person’s determination and tenacity, but also more subtle characteristics that can help to understand whether he or she is akin to the company, so that he or she can fit in harmoniously. Think, for example, of a working environment where silence, good manners and a sustainability-oriented vision reign. A person who is impetuous and more focused on profit, even if he or she has skills that stand out, will hardly be able to achieve good goals and integrate into the organisation in a spontaneous way, risking bringing more discomfort than benefit.


What is the history of the future top manager

In addition to the skills and character of the future top manager, it is important to assess what his or her life path is: studies, possible transfers, past experiences and future aspirations. This is because, in addition to work, each person has other aspects of their life to manage that need to be considered. For example, if you are looking for a person who will stay with the company for decades, but his or her home is far from the organisation and you are not willing to allow the possibility of doing the work, even partly, remotely, it tends to be better to turn to other candidates.


Be able to grasp every nuance of the new manager

Having said that, every company and every person is unique, and in order to assess every aspect correctly, it is necessary to rely on professionals in order not to fall into any pressapochistic errors.

If you are interested in learning more about these points and are looking for a new key figure for your company, Strategic People is ready to help you in the head hunting process.

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