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What a headhunter does in 2023

As we mentioned in the previous article, the term “cacciatore di teste” is the Italian equivalent of the more common head hunter, i.e. a consultant who finds the best talent for companies looking for high-profile professionals.

A figure that has to evolve in line with developments in the labour market and has therefore changed compared to the past.

Current challenges that a head hunter helps you face

The world of headhunting has undergone major changes in recent decades.

As in other sectors, digitisation has brought about a real revolution in the way companies and candidates can showcase and promote their peculiarities.

Just think of the possibility of online research, which for everyone today is the first step to obtain information or get an idea of how to move. In the same way, social networks, of which LinkedIn is the main one in the field of human resources, allow the candidate and the company to reveal their objectives and characteristics.

The socio-economic events of recent years and the pandemic have also rapidly changed the labour market. The result is that in the next five years there will be a significant mismatch between the skills required and the market supply. This will make it more difficult for companies to deal with the selection process themselves, especially when it comes to key figures such as managers or high-level executives, making the figure of the headhunter crucial.

In particular today and for the coming years, the most sought-after profiles will be those with engineering, ICT and senior commercial skills at all levels, but also marketing and digital marketing experts. More generally, in an economy that runs ever faster and where changes of scenery are the order of the day, companies will increasingly value people working on continuous improvement.

Faced with this scenario, the head hunter who knows what the market is and knows its criticalities, tries upstream to guide the client to the solution, bypassing difficulties and obstacles.

The Importance of Procedure and Networking in Head Hunting

In order to cope with today’s job market, Strategic People’s headhunters not only have an in-depth knowledge of the scenario in which they operate, but also an invaluable network that enables them to find the best candidates quickly. We always start with an in-depth interview with the company, in order to understand what it is looking for, addressing it in case its expectations are not in line with the market. The next step is to create a precise and coherent job description. In three weeks the headhunter provides the company with a list of the best candidates on the market and in line with the company’s expectations. Candidate and company are followed step by step in this phase, so that satisfaction is maximised on both sides.

If you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you find your talent in this fast and chameleon-like labour market.

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